Reliable and affordable meeting room display system for your office

Integrates with the calendar system you already use

Save time and money

Affordable pricing brings you the best ROI amongst all meeting room display systems in the market.

Simple and powerful

Roombelt provides simple and clear user interface that will be easily understood by your employees and visitors.

Try for free


On top of providing perfect visibility on conference rooms availability Roombelt comes with a set of wonderful features.

Quick meetings

Book room for an ad-hoc meeting with a single click. Extend the meeting with another click if you need.

Find a room

Looking for a free room? Find it now with just one click.

Calendar view

Easily see an overview of todays' meetings on a clear calendar view.

Meetings dashboard

Put in your lobby a beautiful dashboard with list of meetings upcoming in all conference rooms.

Ghost meetings removal

Automatically clean-up recurring meetings if nobody checks-in two or three times in a row.


Analyze and optimize meeting room usage in your organization.