Never waste time running between conference rooms

See conference room schedule right at the door with our beautifully designed displays. Make them your own with custom backgrounds, colors and widgets.
Trusted by organizations all around the world.

Smart meeting rooms

Avoid conference room "theft" and improve room usage with Roombelt.

Our beautiful and customizable user interface will be easily understood by your employees and visitors.

Works everywhere

Roombelt is a web based solution. All devices with a modern web browser are supported. This includes Android, iOS tablets, RaspberryPI and Smart TV beyond others.

We integrate with the calendar system you already use:

Simple and powerful

On top of providing perfect visibility of conference rooms availability Roombelt comes with a set of wonderful features.

Quick meetings

Book a room for an ad-hoc meeting with a single click. Extend the meeting with another click when needed.

Find a room

Looking for a free room? Find it now with just one click.

Calendar view

Easily see an overview of todays' meetings on a clear calendar view.

Custom themes

Upload custom background for your displays. Modify device CSS to customized it even further.

Meetings clean-up

Automatically cancel recurring meetings if nobody checks-in two or three times in a row.


Analyze and optimize meeting room usage in your organization.

Status Board Display

All your meetings on one screen

Put a status board in a lobby or kitchen and help your employees and visitors to find the right meeting room in seconds.

Status board view works great on any TV with an Internet browser.


Use Roombelt for free for 30 days and then choose one of our affordable plans
Perfect for grown-up businesses of any size
$ 50 /mo
  • 20 displays included
  • Additional displays: $5/each
  • Status board displays
  • Ghost meeting removal
  • Reporting
  • Custom themes and widgets
Simplified plan for smaller companies
$ 20 /mo
  • Up to 10 meeting room displays
  • Status board displays
  • Ghost meeting removal
  • Reporting

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