Roombelt privacy policy

Last updated: 1st of May 2024

TLDR: For our home page ( we use cookies to better understand our visitors. If you decide to create an account, we ask for the bare minimum and only share it with services that are absolutely necessary for the app to function.

As a visitor to the website

  • If you sign in to our newsletter we collect your email address. You can sign out any time using the unsubscribe link placed at the bottom of every email we send.

As a customer of the Roombelt conference room displays service

At Roombelt, we are committed to complying with GDPR, CCPA, PECR and other privacy regulations on our website and on our product too.

Information you provide us and what we use it for
  • Basic Google or Office365 profile information is needed to create an account. We use your email address to send important product updates. Your full name and photo are displayed in the application user interface after signing in.
  • A cookie is stored to remember that you’re logged into your account. If you log in to the Roombelt admin panel, you give us permission to use cookies so you don’t have to log in on each returning session. Similarly, on all the connected devices we store a session cookie so that you don't need to reconfigure each device after restart.
  • Calendars and meetings details are processed on a third-party server to display them on your devices. The processed data includes calendar name, meeting name, location, participants full names and emails. For the purpose of the Audit Log functionality we store calendar names and meeting names in the database. All the processing takes place on Clever Cloud servers located in Paris, France. See the Clever Cloud Privacy Policy for full details.
  • The payment process is handled by a third-party payment provider. If you choose to subscribe to a Roombelt paid plan, the billing information and the payment process is handled by Paddle. See the Paddle Privacy Policy for full details.
  • Roombelt emails are sent using a third-party email provider. All emails such as transactional emails and notifications about offline devices are sent using MailPace. We have disabled both open tracking and link tracking on all emails sent from the Roombelt account. See the MailPace Privacy Policy for details.
  • Database backups and application logs are stored on servers hosted by Contabo GmbH in Germany. See Contabo Privacy Policy for details.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions. If you have an account with Roombelt you can contact us to request all information collected about you or to request removal of all information.